Member Benefits

FCANZ is committed to its members and offers
these exclusive benefits:

Discounts and Preferential Rates
Members receive discounts on fencing products – these are often enough to offset the price of membership. Partners receive special offers and discounted advertising rates on our website, and in Wired magazine. FCANZ fosters close relationships with affiliated industry bodies such as Federated Farmers to give members all the benefits of being a member of Federated Farmer (worth $400), as well as group purchasing opportunities and fuel discounts. This great opportunity also enables our members to access employment and contract templates.

Advocacy and Advice
By representing all members of the fencing community as a collective we keep each of our member’s up-to-date on the latest issues that affect the way you do business. We provide members with free advice on regulatory, legislative and compliance issues.

Leadership and Governance
We provide ongoing support and business advice, including issues around costs and pricing, to ultimately increase net profit for our members.


Research and Information
We keep our members in touch with the latest fencing products, technical information, trends and developments – with access to best practice guidelines, templates and codes of practice. We also provide access to NZQA knowledge and learning opportunities, as well as providing employment and recruitment opportunities so that members can find great employees when required.

Business Development
We host a variety of informative and networking events throughout the year, such as association days that are free of charge for members. Other events are available to members at preferential  rates. Our annual conference and association days provide information on new fencing techniques, health & safety, product feedback, pricing and technical information. As well as networking opportunities to share information and help grow your business. We also have developed a fencing calculator and boundary fencing template these are available for our members to use in their businesses.

Member Communications
We provide regular updates on changes to the fencing industry, including regulatory and compliance changes. All members receive copies of the Wired magazine, the official quarterly publication of FCANZ and monthly e-newsletters. All Fencing Contractors are also listed on the FCANZ website.We also have a Facebook page and a monthly e-newsletter to keep members and partners up to date.

For more info on the great benefits of being an FCANZ member or partner, contact us.